Welcome all animal lovers to our blog!

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As fellow animal lovers, we are all most (definitely) likely to have done this at least once, twice (okay maybe multiple times).  We come across the cutest, most hilarious, or incredibly unique animal post online during a break and all of the sudden, an hour passes by.

During that time, we have somehow managed to watch 20 plus animal videos or scrolled deeply through a google image search…maybe, “cats with hats”(?).

We are quite like you and can completely understand how this happens!

Who are we?

Well, we are the Animal Activity Center, a place where you can bring your animal companion to be pampered and treated to the best hospitality and optimal care by our staff!

The Animal Activity Center provides grooming services, day care, training, and boarding to your important family pets. Basically picture everyday coming across a variety of adorable animals that are google image search worthy.

Next door to us is our neighbor, Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Hospital, where they provide the best quality and compassionate care to you and your animal companions. Together, we treat all animals like they are our own.

Our blog will feature a variety of posts that will update you on programs, specials, events, room renovations, and anything that is going on at the AAC and Parkway. And most importantly, keep you entertained and educated!

-Brought to you by Julie F. and Animal Activity Center staff


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