Playlist for your dog: Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach!

When you walk into the Animal Activity Center, you will sense background music playing in the facility.

Immediately you think, “Ok, who was handed over the AUX cord?”

At the Animal Activity Center, we have classical music playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our dog boarding facility.

Our decision to develop this type of playlist for our canine boarding companions was not random.  It was made based on research regarding the effects of different styles of music on our four legged friends!

In fact, a study published by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow, discusses how they compared the effects of two different types of music on dogs in a kennel, silence and classical.

Stress appears in dogs when they show defensive behavior, such as barking and prolonged standing, along with fast heartbeats. A dog’s stress will appear when environments are loud.

Findings from a 2012 study by Lori Kogan at Colorado State University states that dogs are more calm and relaxed when classical music is playing rather than heavy metal. It was also found that dogs sleep most when classical music is in the airwaves.


The University of Glasgow took two groups of dogs for two weeks. During the first week, one group was placed in silence, the other with classical music. For the second week, the groups switched over effects. Both groups showed a decrease in stress levels and less variation in heart rate when they were placed with classical music.

So if you have trouble calming down your dog’s stress and anxiety at home, try playing some Mozart or Beethoven.

And as for cats, they don’t care about human music (so typical).

-Brought to you by Julie and Animal Activity Center staff



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