Benefits on Adopting a Cat

Are you debating about adopting a cat?  Maybe you’re afraid you won’t be able to uphold the responsibilities of taking care of a feline friend?

We have good news!

Cats can develop into very independent creatures. Kittens do need attention during their “baby” stage making sure they are comfortable in their new home.  However, once they start to feel confident in their own surroundings, they can be left alone during the day, or even overnight.

Compared to a canine companion, cats are a bit smoother with their potty needs.  You won’t need to continuously take them outside and once they are litter trained, they are independent in this department.  It’s also important to note that most cats are very tidy and will prefer to hide their waste by burying it in their litter, making it easier to scoop and clean.

Most feline companions know how to entertain themselves and unlike a canine companion, they do not need outside play.

On top of all of those positive reasons, there is the added benefit that comes with adopting a feline friend.

You get to save their life and give them a forever home!

Owning a pet helps decrease the risk of depression and anxiety, helps the prevention of heart disease, and lowers blood pressure.

And at the end of the day they may prefer to sleep and cuddle with you!

It has also been shown that cats are actually the perfect pet for those who are workaholics and/or carry a lot of stress and anxiety throughout the day.

Which means, saving their life can also save your own!

-Brought to you by Julie F. and Animal Activity Center staff

Top 10 Health Benefits of Owning A Cat

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