Halloween is creeping up!!!

Nationwide posted a very informative flyer about what you need to know about your pet’s safety during the scariest day of the year. No, I’m not talking about the election 🙂

Source: shutterstock.com

Here is a list of the average claim cost of pet incidents during the week of Halloween:

-Raisin toxicity: $527
-Chocolate toxicity: $382
-Candle burns: $173
-Upset stomach/diarrhea: $272
-Chewing gum and candy toxicity: $354
-Ingestion of costume parts: $1,740

Additional Tips:

Halloween is the 2nd most common holiday for pets to get lost. So make sure you keep a collar with an I.D. tag on your pet and/or a microchip in case your pet runs aways from the boogie monster.

Halloween is also full of noise. With excited, screaming kids running around, the Monster Mash on repeat, and even sirens going off. Protect your pets in a nice quiet place where they can rest (Playing classical music for your dog actually helps calm stress!).

And if Fluffy is participating in Halloween costume fun, make sure their outfit is not poorly fitted. Tight clothing can constrict the pet, leading to panic and injury. And be cautious of dangling objects because it can lead to choking or strangulation.

Download Infographic Here!

-Brought to you by Julie F. and Animal Activity Center Staff


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