Happy National Cat Day!

A day to appreciate and show our love to our feline friends and bring awareness to those who need a forever home!

National Cat Day started by animal behaviorist, Colleen Paige, back in 2005, and has been celebrated ever since. Colleen wanted to bring attention to many animals who needed help being rescued and bring unconditional love to those animals.

Source: Shutterstock

There are many ways to celebrate National Cat day!  To help you decide on what to do, here are a few ideas for consideration for this Saturday:

  1. Perhaps it’s time to move forward with adopting a feline friend from your local shelter or a local rescue!  We can even point you in the direction of checking out Every Animal Rescue League’s adoption listings (E.A.R.L is a local 501c3 rescue we support!).
  2. Spoil your cat with gifts. Treat your Cat with playful toys and yummy treats. It is basically their Christmas day.
  3. Come together with close friends and families and their cats and throw the “purrfect” party!
  4. Do a photoshoot with your cat! Post them on social media or share them with us!
  5. Dress up like a cat! Not that it would be weird because Halloween is literally two days away.
  6. Schedule a checkup date at Parkway or one of our sister sites for your feline friend. Find out if they need to be updated with vaccinations and/or medications.
  7. Watch endless cat videos on youtube.
  8. Take a cat nap with your cat.

Whatever it is, remember to have fun with it, even if you don’t have a furry little friend, and most importantly, spread the word about this national holiday.

For more Information about Colleen Paige and the holiday, visit http://www.nationalcatday.com/

-Brought to you by Julie F. and Animal Activity Center staff


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