Extended Information on Puppy Positive Classes!

Stephanie, one of our trainers and LVTs’, presents more than covering the sit, down, stay, and walk “pretty” exercises in our puppy positive 6-week course.

Here is the breakdown:

She uses positive reinforcement and clicker training (the clicker is provided for you, which is a bonus!)

What is positive reinforcement?

*It is a way for pets to learn the best actions and behaviors that owners appreciate. It happens when you reward your companion when they respond or do an action. These actions can be retained when enforcing these positive rewards.*

A clicker?

Clicker training is a safe training practice while using a tool that “clicks” to register the positive reinforcement in a dog. The click is an event marker that tells the dog exactly what they are being rewarded for of the correct behavior, almost taking a “snapshot”of the memory.

Included in the curriculum are exercises on focus, attention, impulse control, and the starting basic obedience exercises.

Stephanie also discusses socialization, common puppy behavior problems and the solutions, body handling and confidence, obstacles, and surfaces.

After each class, you will be emailed that weeks training guide. It will contain a recap of the class, detailed instructions for each exercise and homework. It will also include many how-to videos!

You will also receive a coupon for a free day of daycare or day camp!

The class is limited to 6 dogs, which is a small class size so everyone gets individual attention and problems solving on the behaviors we are working on that day.

Since class size is pretty small, it is important to call soon and register for the course before we fill up!

Our office number is (586)-412-3900

Classes start up again on November 7th at 6:30p.m. every Monday until December 12th!

-Brought to you by Stephanie B., Julie F., and Animal Activity Center


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