Santa is coming to town!

Prepping for Fluffy’s first visit with Santa Claus?
Here are some tips to make the trip a lot easier and smoother:

Number one rule: Is your pet friendly around other pets?
The room can be very tense if your companion does not socialize well with other pets. Best is to keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier. Even if your pet is friendly, other pets around them may not be.

Go in with a realistic mindset: We’ve all took a bad, goofy photo once (maybe more) in our lifetime. If your companion is having a hard time focusing and cooperating, make the best out of the situation!

Is your dog big or fun size? Santa may be able to hold small dogs, but for bigger dogs, it might be uncomfortable for both of the big fellas. Check if your dog is well-trained to sit, and able to sit comfortably next to an unknown face.

Source: Shutterstock

Bring a distraction: The photographer may bring toys to the shoot, but it is better to bring your companions favorite toy to get their heads propped up to the camera.

Bring another person with you: If you have more than one companion coming along, it is a good idea to have extra help.

Tire them out before hand: Do an extra play time with your dog, take them out on a long walk, or play fetch with them for a few minutes before arriving to the “North Pole.”  (but make sure they don’t get too messy if you do this outside). Arriving with a happy companion will make the process go a lot smoother.

Bring your own accessories and props: Want Fluffy to wear the latest dog knit sweater or a an elf hat? The photographer may have a few things with them, but better to be safe than sorry. It is important that clothes and costumes are comfortable and won’t harm.

Last but not least, bring a special treat: After all waiting in line for Santa is hard work for your companion, and a yummy treat is the best bribe. Show how much you appreciate their cooperation after the big photo session.

Here is a link to a funny and adorable picture of a dog’s reaction seeing the real Santa for the first time!

-Brought to you by Julie F. and the Animal Activity Center staff.


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